Corporate programme - for your Graduates and Apprentices

GradStart Corporate


Helping your graduates and apprentices to lay down a solid foundation of business skills on which to build a successful career.


You are an organisation that recognises the value of providing your in-takes of graduates and apprentices with Apprentice and Graduate programmes.


You understand how important it is to develop your young employees with periodic rotations across departments, and job-specific technical training for the roles they will undertake.


But, do you give as much importance to the development of essential business skills?


GradStart - essential SME business skills for young employees



Akonia GradStartGradStart®- the essential SME business skills development programme for young employees.


With GradStart®

  • Attract young employees with a comprehensive graduate-style training programme.
  • Rapidly integrate your new employees.
  • Accelerate performance of your new recruits.
  • Retain employees for longer.

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