Corporate programme - for your Graduates and Apprentices

GradStart Corporate


Helping your graduates and apprentices to lay down a solid foundation of business skills on which to build a successful career.


You are an organisation that recognises the value of providing your in-takes of graduates and apprentices with Apprentice and Graduate programmes.


You understand how important it is to develop your young employees with periodic rotations across departments, and job-specific technical training for the roles they will undertake.


But, do you give as much importance to the development of essential business skills?


GradStart - essential business skills for young employees



Akonia GradStartGradStart®- the essential business skills development programme for young employees.


With GradStart®

  • Attract young employees with a comprehensive graduate-style training programme.
  • Rapidly integrate your new employees.
  • Accelerate performance of your new recruits.
  • Retain employees for longer.

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RoI: Why developing your young employees pays dividends



Having taken the big step and employed an inexperienced young person it may prove difficult to justify further investment in their development so early on. Being able to show that a modest investment in developing their business skills will deliver a significant return on that investment (RoI), will help make the business case for doing so.


What if we train them and they leave?

What if we don’t train them and they stay…

Download a complimentary copy of the Complete Best Practice guide Now and Discover.....


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Would you like to attract, recruit, develop and retain more young people for your company?


Then this practical guide is absolutely for you!



The purpose is to share the best practices learned from large companies and medium-sized businesses who between them employ thousands of apprentices and graduates.


We have conducted our own research at these companies and spent many hours interviewing them to understand their best practices.


The good news is that, by putting these sensible practices to work in your company, you will dramatically improve employee engagement and job satisfaction, while significantly reducing the risks to the future growth of your business.

Making Graduates More Employable

We passionately believe that college and university graduates trained in employability skills are more attractive to employ and make better employees.

So do Employers.

Employers, further education college students and university undergraduates agree, the most important factors considered when recruiting graduates are:-


  • Employability (business and soft) skills
  • A positive “can-do” attitude
  • Relevant work experience.


However, everyday new surveys show that young people / graduates are poorly prepared with employability skills as they enter the world of work and embark upon their careers. 


HeadStart for Higher Education Institution (HEI) University

Akonia HeadStartHeadStartTM - the employability (business and soft) skills development programme for Higher Education Undergraduates.


Your undergraduates deserve a comprehensive employability skills training programme.


Your university deserves more recognition for helping them into the world of work!


With HeadStartTM

  • Attract more undergraduates to your university with improved graduate employment prospects.
  • Gain further recognition from employers for producing work-ready graduates.
  • Increase your university’s league table rankings with better Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) data.

BestStart for Further Education College

Akonia BestStartBestStartTM - the employability (business and soft) skills development programme for Further Education College Students.


Your students deserve a comprehensive employability skills training programme.


Your college deserves more recognition for helping them into the world of work!


With BestStartTM

  • Attract more students to your college with improved employment placement results.
  • Gain further recognition from employers for producing work-ready college graduates.
  • Increase your college’s ranking with improved Learner Destination and Progression ILR data.