Akonia Procurement


The Akonia procurement service is designed to help you acquire the training programmes and services to satisfy your business requirements.


It will save you time and internal resources to prepare the requirements; manage the tendering process; short-list preferred suppliers and negotiate favourable terms.


Procurement Process - Requirements Gathering - Tendering Process - Negotiation SelectionOur 3 step process keeps procurement as simple and straightforward as possible.


  1. Requirements Gathering
    • Gather information on the training programme / service required from Department(s) and Managers.
    • Define the purpose and outcomes required from the training programme / service.
    • Who, and how many employees need to attend; where and why.
    • When does the training programme / service delivery need to be completed by.
    • What are the preferred methods for training programme / service delivery.
    • What are the minimum service levels expected.
  2. Tendering Process
    • Prepare weighted scorecard criterion for assessing and short-listing Training Providers.
    • Prepare and obtain approval for tendering document.
    • Prepare supplemental documents including Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
    • Submit to a range of Training Providers.
    • Handle questions from Training Providers.
    • Conduct due diligence.
    • Vet responses to tendering process and create a short-list of potential Training Providers.
  3. Negotiation and Selection
    • Negotiate Terms and Conditions (T's & C's).
    • Make recommendation for Preferred Supplier List (PSL) of Training Providers.
    • Agree final selection.
    • Support contract sign-off.


Akonia's relationship does not need to end there.  We can manage the relationship with your preferred suppliers; plan and manage the roll-out of the training programme / service; and conduct post-programme reviews.