Promoting GradStart to Howbery Business Park on Thursday 5th February 2015


We will be visiting the Howbery Business Park (Benson Lane, Wallingford OX10 8BA) on Thursday 5th February to promote the GradStart™ - business and soft skills development programme for young employees / businesspeople of Howbery Business Park based companies.



The GradStart™ programme commences on 26th February.


We would be delighted to discuss the programme with you.  Visit us in the Manor House outside the café /restaurant during lunchtime from 12 to 2pm on Thursday 5th February and enter a prize draw for a bottle of wine.


Some of the reasons Employers tell us why they are using GradStart programme:


  • Invest in, and improve the basic skills and capabilities of employees
  • Accelerate performance and productivity of employees
  • Raise employee retention
  • Save costs, resources and time by outsourcing employee development programme


Alternatively, call Gary on  0800 619 9697  to book a private meeting for Thursday 5th February in the afternoon.


Looking forward to meeting you on Thursday.