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The 22 essential steps for successfully

recruiting and retaining young employees.







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Stage One covers how to develop an Attraction Strategy:  

Tick in orange circle.png Creating attraction using business and social media platforms, in particular the importance of your own company website.

Tick in orange circle.png Building relationships with Universities, Colleges and Schools to find top calibre young talent.

Tick in orange circle.png Sampling the potential of your future employees by offering work experience, summer placements and sandwich year internships.

Tick in orange circle.png Making massive savings on recruitment fees by promoting your company using your own brand ambassadors.

Tick in orange circle.png Leveraging the potential of industry sector professional bodies to promote your company.


Stage Two covers how to develop a Recruitment Strategy:


Tick in green circle.png Creating dedicated entry-level jobs landing pages to encourage applications from top calibre young people.

Tick in green circle.png Writing job descriptions that are suitable for inexperienced candidates.

Tick in green circle.png The right places to advertise your entry-level job roles, and where you can do so free-of-charge.

Tick in green circle.png How to quickly identify suitable candidates and reject the rest.

Tick in green circle.png The best questions to ask during interview to learn what you need to know about the candidates.


Stage Three covers how to implement a people Development Strategy:


Tick in cyan circle.png Why it is essential to engage your new employees from the first day they start at your company.

Tick in cyan circle.png The most important skills that must be developed in the first year of employment.

Tick in cyan circle.png 4 of the top reasons that employees leave their job.

Tick in cyan circle.png The business benefits of providing a graduate-style skills development programme for your young employees.

Tick in cyan circle.png Why you don’t have to have the HR/L&D people, expertise, space or deep pockets to provide a development programme.


The Fourth and final Stage covers how to operate an ongoing Retention Strategy:


Tick in pink circle.png The importance of creating and relentlessly driving an employee engagement strategy.

Tick in pink circle.png Why continuous feedback and assessment is better than periodic appraisals.

Tick in pink circle.png The importance of a knowledge sharing culture.

Tick in pink circle.png Spanning the intergenerational communications gap across your workforce.

Tick in pink circle.png The one thing you must remember about employing young people.


Also included are lots of examples of how other companies are doing these things as part of their Attraction, Recruitment, Development and Retention Strategy.